1. The goods are deemed to have been delivered to the customer if the company carries out the goods to the customer, a representative of the customer or a freight forwarder on the company’s premises or another delivery location to which the company has agreed.

2. The risk passes when the goods are delivered to the customer.

3. Delivery is carried out by national and international freight companies in accordance with their terms.

4. The delivery times are specified in the contract and cannot be changed afterwards.

5. The customer reserves the right to choose between standard delivery and express delivery.

6. The dates specified by the company for the delivery of the goods are only approximate delivery dates that are not part of the contract and the customer acknowledges that these specified delivery dates are not taken into account when determining whether the company has fulfilled the contract.

7. If the customer does not accept the delivery of the goods in whole or in part on the due date and does not provide any instructions or the necessary documents so that the goods can be delivered on the due date, the company can arrange for the goods to be stored or stored after notifying the customer in writing. In this case, the risk is transferred to the customer when this notification is sent and the delivery is deemed to have been made. All costs and expenses incurred as a result of this non-performance by the company, including storage costs and insurance fees, are borne by the customer.

8. The company is not liable for penalties, losses, injuries, damages or expenses caused by late delivery or late performance. Non-delivery or non-performance arise for whatever reason, and this delay or non-performance does not mean that the customer has the right to refuse to accept deliveries or to refuse to fulfill the contract.

9. Further terms of delivery can be found in the section “Terms and Conditions” on the website.

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