Membrane keypads

A membrane keypad is a flexible keyboard that can be used permanently even under special operating conditions.

It consists of several individual sheets, which are superimposed.

The scope of the membrane keypads is constantly expanding.

Due to the extraordinary variety of design options, membrane keypads are used in almost every type of electronic device.

Functional elements of the membrane keypad are the lower circuit foil with the conductor tracks, switching points and the terminal lug thereon, as well as the upper switching foil with the contact surfaces which lie opposite the switching points on the lower foil.

The color, size, layout, number of kezs and viewing windows are offered upon request.

The “ETAL” Ltd. offers: • Membrane keypads with embossed keys on a hard base;

  • • Membrane keypads with tactile feedback;
  • Membrane keypads with LED lighting;
  • Front and Overlay Panels.

Our membrane keypads have indisputable advantages:

  • The pattern on top is protected from abrasion as the image is applied from the inside of the high strength material;
  • The keypad is reliably protected from moisture, dust, oil and other corrosive environments as it is completely sealed;
  • it is easy to get rid of external pollution;
  • a wide range of technical designs and different color patterns on the surface;
  • thin and compact;
  • Membrane keypads and buttons can be almost any size and shape.

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