Our company

Our company

The “ETAL” Ltd. is a leading PCB and membrane keypad manufacturer in

We have been working on the PCB production market for over 50 years!

In 1997, a new production building for the production of printed circuit boards for manual and automatic soldering was built and put into operation by MUPI (France).

The quality and reliability of our products is ensured by a modern technical base and compliance with the technological discipline, which is evidenced by the supply of products to the nuclear power industry, the oil and gas industry, metallurgy and other areas.

The “ETAL” Ltd. is concerned about environment and environmental issues,
and the company is implementing a number of programs for this:

  • – The company has a program for the efficient use and reduction of water, gas and electricity consumption;
  • – Environmentally harmless materials and technologies used in during production;
  • – An effective industrial wastewater treatment plant and a solid waste disposal system;
  • – Constant increase in the number of green spaces in the territory of the company and in the surrounding areas.

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