1.1. The following text is an agreement between the online shop, hereinafter referred to as the “seller”, and the user of the online shop services, regardless of the status (individual / legal person / entrepreneur), hereinafter referred to as “buyer” designated.
1.2. This agreement defines the terms and conditions for the purchase of printed circuit boards and electronic products, hereinafter referred to as “goods”, by the buyer via the seller’s online shop.
1.3. The agreement is in accordance with Articles 633 and 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is the equivalent of an “oral agreement” and has appropriate legal force.
1.4. In accordance with Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine by fully and unconditionally accepting the terms of this Offer Agreement, which confirms the conclusion of the agreement on the proposed terms, the fact is that the buyer will pay the cost of the goods ordered on the website of the online Shop.
1.5. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meanings in this offer:
“Online Shop” – the seller’s website,, created for the conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale of retail and wholesale, after the buyer has familiarized himself remotely with photos of the goods proposed by the seller.
“Seller” – an organization, regardless of its organizational and legal form, and / or an entrepreneur who sells goods.
“Product” – products that are offered for sale and published on the website.
“Buyer” – individual / legal person / entrepreneur who places an order on the website.
“Recipient” – Individual / legal person / entrepreneur named buyer who must receive the ordered goods.
“Acceptance” – full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the contract by the buyer.
“Order” – individual items from the assortment list of goods that the buyer indicated when submitting an application on the site.

2.1. The seller sells and delivers the goods in accordance with the current price list published on the website, and the buyer pays and accepts the goods in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

3.1. Order formation.
3.1.1. Orders are accepted via the website during the seller’s working hours.
3.1.2. Delivery is not included in the order price
3.1.3. The cost of all types of delivery is indicated in the “Delivery” section on the seller’s website.
3.1.4. When ordering, the buyer must provide the recipient’s details as precisely as possible. Incorrect information from the buyer can affect the execution of the order at the specified time. In this case, the execution of the job will be postponed until the correct recipient details are provided.

4.1. Payment for the order implies the buyer’s consent to enter into this agreement with the seller.
4.2. The buyer pays the cost of the order under the contract by transferring money to the seller’s account. The payment date is the day the funds are received in the seller’s account.
4.3. The prices for all goods specified on the website apply at the time of ordering.
4.4. The buyer has the right to confirm or cancel the order until it is paid for.
4.5. Orders are only accepted for execution after receipt of the money in the seller’s account.
4.6. A message about payment for the order will be sent to the buyer at the email address provided when the order was placed.
4.7. The buyer pays additional services of payment systems, terminals, bank commissions.
4.8. The prices are in euros and include VAT.

5.1. When ordering, the buyer must clearly indicate the details of his delivery. An order can be placed for a date, time and address.
5.2. Delivery will be made to the address given by the buyer in the order.
5.3. In case it is impossible to deliver the goods to the address provided, delivery will be made to the postal address closest to the buyer.
5.4. The goods are sent to the buyer on the day of completion or the next day.
5.5. Delivery is made via post of Ukraine in cooperation with other international postal organizations.
5.6. The seller is not responsible for any breach of delivery terms.

6.1. If the product is unsatisfactory, the buyer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price.
6.2. The return of the goods is carried out in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine.
6.3. To request a refund, the buyer must explain the reasons why they believe the product is of poor quality.

7.1. The goods remain our property until they have been paid for in full.

8.1. If the delivered products show obvious material or manufacturing defects, please report such defects to us immediately. Failure to submit this complaint does not, however, affect your legal claims. For all defects of the purchased item occurring during the statutory warranty obligation, the statutory claims for supplementary performance, for the removal of defects / new delivery and – if the legal requirements are met – the further claims for reduction or withdrawal as well as for damages, including compensation for the damage, apply the fulfillment and reimbursement of your futile expenses.

9.1. The collection and storage of personal data takes place in accordance with our data protection principles. You can read the privacy policy by clicking on the link

10.1. The seller has the right to change the offer at his own discretion. The changes take effect from the time they are published on the website.

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