The term “site” refers to this site with the domain name pcbetal.de.

The term “company” refers to PCB-ETAL Ltd., a Ukrainian company with registration number 43273924.

The term “user” means any individual – or legal person – who views this website, materials and information published on the website, and a person who registers and uses a personal account on the website.

The term “Policy” means this website usage policy and other legal information.

The term “personal account” means a panel that contains statistical data and reports on the financial activity and transactions of the user.


Purpose of the agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between the company’s employees and users, as well as establishing the rules and conditions for this partnership, including general working conditions, financial nuances, confidentiality provisions, etc.


Payment processing services are provided by PCB-ETAL GmbH and are subject to the rules set out in this document. The company can also offer other types of services that are subject to a different set of rules.

The company only provides services for people who have reached the age of 18 or any other age, which ensures that the contract is signed.

Communication with PCB-ETAL GmbH

The provision of services includes communication with the user: receiving messages, notifications, administrative and information letters. It is understood that this communication will play an important role in the delivery of the services. However, in accordance with our privacy policy, we reserve the right to have the user refuse to receive emails from the company. It should be borne in mind that such a rejection may lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the services provided.


User rights

Contact the site support service if you have any questions, claims, requests for how the site works, a personal account, or other information about the site or the service.

Request the company to ensure the security of the user’s personal data and not to disclose information to third parties, except in cases where it is impossible to provide high quality services to that user without disclosure of information, as well as in cases required by law;

View full and detailed information on transfers, payment statistics and other financial indicators in the user’s personal account;

Receive fraud reports in a timely manner and partner with the company to prevent such actions.

User obligations

The user fully and unconditionally accepts all terms of use of the website listed on this page.

The user agrees that the confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed, even if access to this data is granted by third parties outside the area of ​​the technical communication facilities under the control of the company. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the above method.

When registering on the website, the user undertakes to provide accurate and detailed information about himself as well as accurate contact information.

When registering on the website, the user receives login data and a password, for the confidentiality of which he is fully responsible. If the user suspects a breach of confidentiality, the user should change the password immediately in order to avoid the use of his personal data by third parties.

When using the website, the user undertakes to enter only those data that correspond to reality and do not contradict current legislation. Otherwise, the company has the right to suspend the user’s transactions.

The user undertakes to meet all company requirements to ensure the functionality and security of the website.

The user undertakes to ensure that there is no malicious software on his computer. The company is not liable for any damage caused otherwise.

The user undertakes not to violate the security rules and data protection guidelines of the website.

The user undertakes to inform himself about changes to his personal data.

The user undertakes not to use the access to the website to commit illegal actions

The user undertakes to comply with all clauses of the contract with the company. Violation of this agreement will result in liability for the damage caused to the user.

Company rights

Company has the right to make changes to the website, sections of the website and this Agreement, independently or with the assistance of third parties.

The company has the right to demand that the user comply with the rules for working with the website, as well as the safety conditions and other provisions in this document.

The company has the right to take measures to comply with the rules for cooperation and the secure operation of the website.

The company has the right at any time to carry out planned technical work and emergency work in order to maintain the functionality of the website.

The company has the right to control the user’s personal account

The company has the right to suspend transactions on the user’s account if the user violates the rules of this agreement.

Company obligations

By accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees to transfer his personal data to PCB-ETAL GmbH as well as the personal data of the user’s customers, about which the user must inform his customers immediately. The company carries out the data processing. The company has the right to process the personal data of the user’s customers for the purpose of providing services to the user or to act within the framework of agreements concluded with the user, as well as to count customers, to offer, to provide, to support the customers To exercise and protect the company’s rights and legitimate interests in the fulfillment of contractual obligations and to fulfill the obligations set out in official regulations. The company, in order to provide its services or in legal matters, the right to receive personal data from third parties,

Ensure the security and functionality of the website as much as possible;

Provide the user with complete and reliable information on the status of his personal account on the website;

Ensuring the security of user data against loss, disclosure and unauthorized access to data by third parties, introduction of restricted access and control of access to data for authorized employees of the company.

Responsibility of the Company

Under no circumstances will the company be responsible for any damage suffered by the user during the process or as a result of using the website, as well as for the inability to use it.

Under no circumstances will the company be responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss of profit to the user or third parties.

Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any damage suffered by the user as a result of illegal acts by third parties.

Under no circumstances shall the company be liable for any damage caused to the user by malicious programs in the hardware or software, or with regard to incorrect specification of the information and violation of the terms of cooperation.

Under no circumstances does the company guarantee the functional operation of the website under circumstances of force majeure and unforeseen situations.

This website may contain links to other websites that are created and maintained by third parties, including company partners. However, the company is not responsible for these websites. If the user clicks on a link to third party websites, the company is not responsible for the actions of third party websites in relation to the protection and storage of the user’s information on the above websites.

Under no circumstances is the company responsible for errors, mistakes or malfunctions in the operation of software or hardware that are involved in the operation of the website and are attributable to reasons beyond the control of the company, or for damage later to the user were added.

IV. Other legal information

1. Copyright and Trademarks

All rights reserved

The company reserves the copyright for the design of the pages and sections of the website as well as for texts and information. All materials on this website are owned by the company unless otherwise stated. Viewing, copying, printing and distributing materials from this website is only permitted under the following conditions:

The user is not authorized to make changes to the materials that the user prints or downloads from this website, including skip points, removal of tags or labels from the materials on this website.

The materials are to be used for informational purposes only.

Site materials may only be viewed, distributed and published with the written approval of the company. Any copy of any materials or fragments thereof must include a copyright notice.

The names, brands, logos, design forms and headings, terms and expressions published on this website are trademarks of the company or third parties and are used by the company with their consent. Such trademarks may be identified by the appropriate trademark symbol: ®, TM, or a similar trademark indicating company ownership. Any unauthorized downloading, distribution and other copying and / or modification of trademarks and / or these materials may violate applicable laws, trademark and / or copyright laws and result in criminal prosecution.

2. Restriction of Use

In addition to other rules set out in this Code, the user is also obliged to:

Do not resell or otherwise distribute the Company’s services to any third party;

Do not provide any services based on the company’s services without the prior written consent of an authorized representative of PCB-ETAL GmbH

3. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Use of this website is governed by Ukrainian law.
All disputes arising out of this Usage Policy will be resolved by the courts of Ukraine.

4. Legal address of the company

The registered office address of the company is 1 Zavodskaja str, Alexandrija, Ukraine.

5. Support service

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please send an e-mail to the support team on the website: bestellen@pcbetal.de

Telefon: +49015236155757

Phone: +49 (0)1523 6155757